1. What information do I need to complete the form?

              Each traveler must complete the form in English. He/she will indicate:

              • Personal data, e.g. name, D.O.B, passport information

              • Credit/debit card in order to pay the obligatory fees and complete the request

              2. How long before I travel should I submit my eTA form?

              From the moment you plan your trip, it is advised to submit your eTA form at your earliest convenience in order to ensure a smooth process. You are not required to have a specific travel plan or give all information of your trip, however, if you do have knowledge of this information then it is strongly advised to provide the destination address or route. An eTA should be submitted at least 72 hours before departure so that our team of experts can confirm your travel plans if your eTA is authorized.

              3. How much is the Canada eTA?

              * You need to check the detailed information at ETA Fee

              4. When will I find out if my eTA has been approved/declined?

              You have submitted your request via our website, an almost immediate response is provided. We will then send you your results via email within 72 hours.

              5. What do I need to bring to the airport?

              You do not need to bring anything specific regarding your eTA as it is all electronically archived and airlines will already know the status of your application in advance. Simply bring your passport and you are ready to go!

              6. When will my eTA expire?

              An eTA is valid for five years or until your passport expires (if it expires before the five years of authorization). You may continue to visit Canada during the five-year period without having to request a new authorization on our website.

              7. Will it ever be necessary to re-apply for an eTA?

              Yes, you will always require a new eTA if:

              • You have a new passport

              • You have exceeded your five year authorization

              • You have changed name

              • You have changed sex

              • You have changed nationality

              Each time you submit a new request, you will pay the obligatory fees.

              8. I forgot my eTA application number. How can I retrieve it?

              If you do not have access to your eTA application number, you can retrieve his/her claim number by sending an email to our 24/7 customer service team stating your full name, passport number, date of birth and the country issuing the passport. We hold all client’s data confidentially for a duration of 2 years.

              9. What should I do if my eTA has been refused?

              If your application has been refused and you still wish to travel to Canada, you must apply for a visa from a Canadian Embassy or a Canadian Consulate.

              10. Holidays and Observances in Canada in 2022

              The processing time of eTA is up to 3 business days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Public holidays. Check Public Holiday for 2022

              11.  What is the difference between eTA and visa Canada?

              The Canada eTA is valid for multiple entries without a visa during its validity period. Each visit can last up to 6 months visa-free. Anyone who plans to stay in Canada longer than 6 months at a time must apply for a visa. Visitor visas are valid for 10 years or until the passport expires.